Velocomp Blue Tooth Speed Cadence Sensor

Velocomp Blue Tooth Speed Cadence Sensor

Postby Russ » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:17 pm

Decided to start a new thread for this device. I bit the apple (so to speak) and received an Apple ipad mini retina for Christmas. So I went looking for virtual trainer ride apps and wound up going for the cheapest I could find... the Cycleops Virtualtrainer app for 5.99 a month. Fortunately my Kurt Kenitics Road Machine was one of the supported trainers (a very short list of dumb trainers and a not much longer one for smart trainers) so I thought I was on the way but, OH Yeah, need a sensor.

Found iBike's 30$ deal on the combined speed and cadence sensor, ordered and installed. Well I have a story to tell.
Yes the sensor went on easily and the mini ipad found it fine. I tested this with the virtualtrainer app then 1/2 way through the 14 day free trial :-) The darned thing uploaded my hand cranked test session as a ride and established me with a very low 'ranking' the exact criteria for I have not yet found, looks like total ride time may be it.

Well that was a Saturday and my buddy cajoled me into an outside ride at 35F so I did not really kick into virtualtrainer gear until the next week. I rode six of seven days, amazed at how stimulating a little house like block on an elevation profile stretched below the video portion was to my competitive gene :-)

Here is the punch line, at the end of the week, I got listed in among the four award catagories! Along with the Climber of the week (48k feet) and calorie burner of the week (18k) - same guy - and of course the athlete of the week - again same guy. There I was for week 4 of 2014! RussG listed as the rank jumper of the week! :-)

Anyhow, the blue tooth sensor worked great but the invitation to write a review that came from Velocomp did not work, or perhaps I did not know how to work it. The link dumped me into the store with no obvious way to write the review. So I figured I would write it here :-)

Glad the weather is warming up... I will possibly achieve rank dropper of the week if it stays warm :lol:

(edit for a typo'd word that my wife caught )
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Re: Velocomp Blue Tooth Speed Cadence Sensor

Postby Velocomp » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:30 pm

Great story!

I will post your review on our website.

Give the POWERHOUSE app a try on your iPad mini. You'll be able to do nice workouts on your indoor trainer, with Hunter Allen as your guide... Yes, it supports the KK Road Machine...
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